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Redesigned Stainless Steel Rollers for all L-Trac Trackballs


  1. Two small contact points reduce the force necessary

            to roll the ball as there is less friction to impede movement.

           This results in much smother rolling and greatly reduces                 

           the amount of noise from ball and roller contact.

  1. The new Concave design allows dirt and debris to clear

             easily from the rolling surface.

  1. Lighter weight allows for more control when moving the ball.

  1. The Stainless Steel rollers are treated by a cryogenic metal treatment.

           This process rearranges the molecules in an organized fashion increasing

             toughness and increasing wear resistance.

All Previous L-Trac Models can also be Upgraded

* To see if your L-Trac already have the Redesigned Rollers simply check the label on the bottom of the trackball and if there is an “R2.1” next to the model number then you have an L-Trac with the Resigned Rollers already installed.

The Redesigned Rollers can now be purchased separately in individual kits from our Reseller TrackballWorld.com.

See the Next Page for Instructions on how to Replace L-Trac Rollers

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