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Superior X Software

For Microsoft Windows users of CSTXX45 and all L-Trac trackballs, Superior X software can be installed to customize button operations in applications. Superior X is designed to minimize effort and increase performance, flexibility and reliability. Users other then a CSTXX45 or L-Trac should not download or install Superior-X due to incompatibility issues.

Compatibility: Superior-X will work on all Windows including Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

Installing Superior-X:

1. Remove any Logitech software, Kensington software, or any other Input Device Software you may have installed on your computer.

2. Click the link below to download the newest available version of Superior-X.

3. Unzip files

4. Run Setup.exe


After Superior-X is installed you should see an icon like this in your program list in a folder labeled “Clearly Superior Technologies”:

Once the program is running look on the bottom right of your screen for a small trackball icon:

Double-click this icon to bring up Superior-X’s user interface.