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Question: Do I need software to make my trackball work?

Answer: No, All CST trackballs will work as a standard pointing device without loading any software.  Under some circumstances (serial devices only), you may have to use the "Add Hardware" wizard to notify the system of the trackballs presence.

Question: What should I do if my trackball feels "rough" when I roll it?

Answer:  For our PC-Trac models (the large trackball), simply roll the ball rapidly in several directions.  In most cases the contamination will be ejected from the rollers.  If this is unsuccessful, please go to our Cleaning Procedures page.

Question: Can I get replacement parts?

Answer: Yes, please contact our Sales department.

Question: Are Microspeed "OEM" versions still available?

Answer: Many of the special OEM versions of Microspeed trackballs are available through Clearly Superior Technologies.  Please contact our sales department for specific model information.

Question: What do the jacks on the SA models do?

Answer: The jacks on our trackball are designed to give user more flexibility by allowing them to connect external buttons. When an external button is connected the primary buttons are disabled, allowing the user to move the external buttons wherever they are needed.

Question: What is the difference between SA and -5 models

Answer: Both SA (Switch Adapted) and -5 models have jacks which can connect external buttons. The difference is when connecting external buttons to a -5, the primary buttons don't disable. This well allow the -5 to have up to five working buttons. SA models can only have three buttons